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The Australian oil and gas industry leads the World

  • Written by Greg Rogers

The Australian oil and gas industry leads the World

It has been widely reported that in late 2017, Australia will be the World's biggest exporter of LNG.  Following years of expansion in the iron are and coal industries, Australia's place as a powerhouse in the resource industry is now confirmed with a number of oil and gas exports plants coming online.

The successful transition on behalf of many exporters as they move from prospecting to the creation of the hugely expensive infrastructure then to the production and export phase has been a major undertaking. All of the work was done by contractors operated by highly skilled and experienced project managers

To create the bases and ports that will export to key clients, vast amounts of equipment, material and human resources had to be marshaled and transported to some of the most remote locations on Earth before work could begin.

Major widely acclaimed construction industry support businesses like provided enormous quantities of materials and construction equipment to support operators like BHP, Halliburton, Chevron, Rio Tinto and Santos as they planned, set up and completed major infrastructure projects including mine sites, port facilities, roads and huge buildings.

One of the difficulties of constructing resource export infrastructure in Australia is overcoming the problems created by the distance over which goods, services and people have to be transported. Everything has to be planned meticulously so that suppliers and contractors know exactly what they need to do and that they have the products that they need to do their job. Time is a vital consideration as all subcontractors and materials have to be on site and the right time. It is a credit to Australia's trade training establishments that a skilled workforce could be called on when needed to get the job done.

The amount of money that will be earned from Australia's resources in the foreseeable future is vital to the Australia economy and the welfare of the people of this country. Taxes and resource fees will power schools and hospitals for decades to come. At the same time China, India and Korea will continue to be the home of industrial giants because they have a secure reliable trading partner in Australia.

As new coal, oil, gas, tin and iron ore deposits are located, new plants and export facilities will be needed. The leading Australian resource sub contractors and their staff will be there when required.