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Crime prevention - The average thief is lazy

  • Written by Greg Rogers

Don't make it easy for thieves to steal your property or harm your family and friends.

Career criminals often spend considerable time on reconnaissance as they plan their next job. Crooks look for return on their investment in terms of time, risk and the ultimate reward. If the risk is too great or the barriers in place make it too hard they will move on to find a soft target to rob. Soft targets include unlocked cars, unlocked homes and insecure business premises.

Business operators have security measures in place and that is why career thieves avoid the risk of being caught at shops, offices or warehouses by looking for opportunities that are not risky or even challenging.

For most of us it is the random nature of theft by drug addicts seeking to feed habits or just plain dishonest people who will not hesitate to steal anything that they can find to keep or sell for cash.

Not many people can afford to hire security guards to protect homes or cars as some businesses are forced to do, however, we can all afford to invest in secure locks and security screens for our homes or for any businesses that we might run. Security professionals like South Perth Locksmith are a valuable source of information on the latest security industry technology. Taking the time to visit a locksmith is worth the effort as many insurance companies will either reduce premiums or offer lower rates to home occupiers and businesses that have taken effective steps to secure buildings and contents.

Security measures are not a set and forget procedure. As new products are created and as prices for existing high tech security devices are reduced, there are opportunities to upgrade security measures. Too many security cameras are never enough, as they are a very rewarding tool for police when they investigate thefts and other serious crimes.

For people who are more vulnerable, security screens offer protection from random crooks who happen on to an open door or a person living alone in unprotected locations.

Deadlocks make it hard for thieves and the lazy ones will move on if they see secure locks in place on premises that they are exploring for vulnerabilities.

Locksmiths can also be called on to fit locking devices to windows on homes and business premises. At the same time, they can install audible and back to base security alarms to create another level of protection for people and property.

Do not make it easy for criminals to harm your lifestyle.