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Quality sports footwear promotes performance and prevents injuries

  • Written by Greg Rogers

We need to think carefully when buying sporting footwear because a lot of things can go wrong. Did you know that our feet and ankles contain 26 bones plus 33 joints?

Our feet, ankles, and structures of the leg are made up of many systems all working together to enable us to function effectively. Faults and abnormalities with our legs or feet are one of the major reasons that applicants for critical occupations such as defence personnel, police forces and fire and rescue organisations are rejected.

Everyone needs to take care of their feet because when things go wrong, there are flow on effects. For some, achieving professional ambitions or attaining sporting excellence will only be possible if they enjoy a supreme level of fitness in their feet and legs. Everyone knows that exercise is a non negotiable requirement for attaining and preserving fitness. When serious issues arise with feet or legs, the effects go way beyond the pain and inconvenience. Soldiers may lose their jobs, fit people may not be able to exercise and they will lose condition and people in almost all walks of life, will be inconvenienced.

High quality sporting footwear will help to prevent injuries to people who participate in action sports or even frequent running, where those 26 bones and 33 joints will be tested. High tech sports shoes such as those produced by Nike and Adidas, are highly developed pieces of equipment containing structures and materials to protect feet from strains and injury. Flat sole cheap imported fashion lace up shoes are best kept for show and not used for serious activity.

A person who runs or rides a bike on a regular basis to maintain weight within sensible limits or to enhance cardio vascular performance, will be out of action for a while if one or two bones or joints in his or her foot is injured. Apart from the annoyance of the pain, they may gain weight and lose lung capacity. The take away point is that foot injuries have conseqences. Buying quality footwear will mitigate the risk.

It is important to consult a specialist sporting podiatrist like Mod Pod when experiencing problems with feet or legs such as foot ligament or muscle pain, ingrown toenails, blisters, warts, corns, calluses, bunions, nail infections, foot infections, smelly feet, heel pain, heel spurs, dry or cracked heel skin, flat feet, hammer toes, neuromas, sprains, arthritis or foot injuries.

A podiatrist may be able to assist people to prevent injuries and conditions of the legs or feet, as well as to treat conditions when they arise so as to minimise the effects of downtime. A podiatrist is an allied health professional with considerable training and experience. A General Podiatrist will have trained for around 7 years and the specialist – Podiatric Surgeon will have higher qualifications and additional experience from an extensive range of hospital placements.

When it comes to foot care in sports, prevention is better than cure, so look to buy higher quality footwear and establish a relationship with a podiatrist to prevent or treat injuries or chronic conditions.