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Sponsored Content writing service

Our journalists research, plan and write news features, magazine article and sponsored content copy.

Sponsored content articles are written to each customer's specifications with high quality English copy on any topic to suit any industry.

The articles that we write will typically be 350 - 450 words ( up to 10,000 words ) and contain a wide range of keywords to suit the client's SEO or web content strategy.

We work directly with business people who need to create content for web sites that will attract readers with an interest in specific topics.

Similarly, we work with SEO professionals to produce copy on any subject.

Our fees are negotiated having regard to the specific order and we are paid on delivery via PayPal

Content publication or placement.

We also offer an optional same day content publication service on websites related to the niche of the customer.

Get in touch with us at or call Australia 1300 205 504 or mobile 0498 136 869