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Benefits of Meeting Family Lawyers For a Free Consultation

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There is a great deal to be gained from a potential client when sitting down to speak with family lawyers for a free consultation.


These firms provide a private service for citizens who are managing their affairs following a breakdown of their relationship. O’Sullivan Legal is one such example of this type of firm.


Depending on the nature of that relationship with the inclusion of children and property, there are mitigating factors that can influence what action is taken by a spouse who feels aggrieved and wishes to protect their rights.


If you have a chance to visit a firm and have a no-obligation appointment, there is much to be taken away from those talks.

Eliminating or Confirming Points of Anxiety


It is the lingering doubt that can cripple a spouse if they are unable to take advantage of speaking with family lawyers for a free consultation. It could revolve around child custody and visitation rights to the impact of restraining orders, the division of assets including property or the possession of household liabilities and debt. Having a general conversation with a legal representative will allow you to ascertain what aspects of the separation are at risk and what other elements can be comfortably negotiated. It might not necessarily be good news, but the sooner a matter can be identified and addressed, the sooner a solution can be found.

Objective Third Party Counsel


Sitting down to chat with family lawyers for a free consultation is an ideal setting to tap into a skilled and professional operator who has no preconceptions or conflict about your status or situation. There is no prior knowledge about the relationship brought to the table and that objectivity is a genuine asset. Other discussions that a spouse can have will likely include friends, family members and even colleagues who are leaned on during these stressful moments. By speaking with a sound legal mind, seeking out their counsel allows you to separate the noise from the substance of the matter.

Where to Concede Terms and Where to Fight


The mediation process is fundamental to what law firms provide for their clients in this setting. Speaking with family lawyers for a free consultation will be the opening stages that outline what terms a spouse deems agreeable, what concessions can be made and what elements are non-negotiable. Clearly the act of hiring a solicitor is a move to protect a position and fight back against the other spouse, but there are strategies that can be implemented to make the process less painful.

Knowing the Financial Cost


The obvious benefit of speaking with family lawyers for a free consultation is the lack of financial obligation. Yet it goes beyond that initial appointment because a firm will be able to offer a transparent guide on their billing policy. From an hourly rate, flat fee or a cost that is dependent on the legal outcome, there will be different approaches on this process depending on their brand.

Guiding Client For Future Action


The recommendations that will be offered when talking with family lawyers for a free consultation will be incredibly beneficial long after the doors have closed. Having taking into account the central facts of the case, they will offer their counsel about what terms should be focused on, what action will be most beneficial and how you can use the services to leverage for a strong position. Those first talks are one thing, but knowing what to do with the next phase is just as vital.



There are no guarantees that clients can gain from speaking with family lawyers for a free consultation, but they can help to paint a picture about future expectations and what the spouse is up against depending on the course of action they want to take. Legal advice is seldom handed out free of charge so this is an opportunity to leverage a firm and tap into their understanding of the case before a decision is ultimately made.