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Elegant window blinds you should buy

  • Written by CEO

Traditional window blinds and curtains are gradually fading into the background, giving way to modern sunscreen designs. If you want to buy blinds, the prices for them will be the most diverse. But if you are looking for a company that do the implementation of sun-protection structures on favorable terms, then you can count on any online store!

Ready-made window blinds in recent years have become an integral attribute of the interior of public and residential premises. They not only reliably protect space from prying eyes and scorching sunlight, but also give it aesthetics and elegance.

Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds are the elegant solution that looks graceful on large windows. It is worth buying such interesting curtains for office design - their rigor and simplicity will be in harmony with the general interior.

The main types of vertical blinds

When velvet curtains were in fashion, vertical blinds became the last word of fashion trends. They not only give the room elegance but also do an excellent job with their main purpose - they protect the room from a lot of light. They turn, move apart, and can help create almost complete darkness or fill the room with blinding light. With them, you can configure a pleasant twilight for more comfortable work indoors.

In addition, the blinds do not require meticulous washing and ironing, which every housewife has faced, who has curtains in the house. It is enough to clean blinds regularly with a damp cloth. Of course, there are fabric blinds, and they also need a special approach to cleaning. However, they do not have to be ironed! If you still decide to remove and wash them, it will be enough to shake them and hang them back. They will straighten under their weight, which distinguishes the blinds from the curtains.

The following types mainly represent vertical blinds on the windows:

  • Aluminum. Classic free-hanging blinds with an aluminum cornice, which are controlled by rope and chain. They can be perfectly mounted not only on windows and doorways but also on suspended ceilings.

  • Multifactorial. They have similar characteristics with aluminum but combine the use of metal, plastic and fabric elements.

  • Plastic In this model, plastic parts prevail. Relate to one of the most common species.

  • Fabric. Lightweight blinds, often used for installation in residential premises, can be performed in a fairly wide color range.

  • Thread. Light and weightless blinds, the lamellas of which are more reminiscent of thick threads. Their utilisation is mostly in bedrooms.

Horizontal Blinds

It is probably impossible to find a person who would never have seen horizontal blinds in his life! Acquaintance with such a product as blinds, the inhabitants began precisely with horizontal blinds.

And if at the beginning of their appearance, horizontal blinds were still more popular in office premises. Over time their relatively low cost was appreciated by the owners of apartments, private houses and in general the owners of almost any premises that have metal-plastic and wooden windows.

Horizontal blinds are not difficult to control - as practice shows, people who have never used them before but only saw them, begin to confidently use and control horizontal blinds after only a few raises and lowers.

What material are horizontal blinds made of?

The horizontal blinds are made exclusively of aluminum, upon which a coat of powder paint is present.. (This refers to the material of the lamellas of which the blinds are composed. Of course, not only aluminum but plastic and other necessary materials are present in the cornice, controls).

In the market of horizontal blinds, you can also find blinds not of aluminum, but plastic. As a rule, plastic horizontal blinds are cheaper than aluminum because plastic itself as a material is cheaper than aluminum. Many people do not distinguish between them and do not even suspect that the blinds can be aluminum. Therefore, often horizontal blinds are called "plastic blinds."

It is not difficult to make sure that it is aluminum blinds, not plastic blinds. If you take the lamella (i.e. a strip) of blinds in your hands and try to bend it, aluminum blinds will be more flexible and less likely to form in them dents.

We can say that aluminum horizontal blinds are more durable in service life compared to plastic blinds and will preserve a flawless appearance for longer.

Horizontal standard blinds are a simple and economical solution for any interior. They are out of competition with Chinese plastic counterparts from construction stores, thanks to a large selection of colors and the reliability of aluminum tape

Venus Horizontal Blinds

Designed specifically for plastic windows and double-glazed windows. More convenient and reliable mechanism and system than in standard ones. The material of the lamellas is of the same high quality as in the standard ones.

Horizontal wood blinds

Blinds made of natural pressed wood, treated with a hypoallergenic coating. Environmentally friendly product.

General information on Fabric Roller Blinds

Fabric window blinds are the latest original solutions that find their place both in residential buildings and in commercial real estate. Such curtains help to achieve optimal protection from direct sunlight, and also do not allow the room to heat up in clear weather. Follow this guide if you want to know more about fabric roller blinds and their benefits.

The main types of curtains

Fabric blinds appeared on the market not so long ago, but at the same time managed to gain well-deserved popularity. Some models can replace both tulle and a night curtain at the same time. They add comfort to the room, look stylish and sophisticated.

You can buy roller blinds by ordering it online. Online stores offer a wide range of curtains for every taste. They usually have all modern models.

Dense fabrics are made of durable cotton with a small percentage of synthetic substances and are referred to as modern classics. It allows you to provide complete protection against direct sunlight. The fabric undergoes treatment with a special substance that repels pollution. Such a trick can significantly simplify the operation process.

Blackout curtains are also very popular. They are especially good if the location of the windows is on the sunny side. Such canvases do not transmit ultraviolet rays. They maintain a normal temperature in the room.

The roller blind is very easy to operate. To raise and lower it, just pull on a special lace. If necessary, the drive is mounted, and a control specialist carried out from the remote control.


Still not sure whether to buy vertical window blinds or horizontal? Then you can get professional advice from experts out there. Perhaps this will help you make a choice, because you can find out all the advantages and disadvantages of a particular model, and whether it is suitable for the selected type of room. No matter how convenient and beautiful vertical blinds (including other types) are, they may simply not fit the interior of the general style of the room, so it is important to consider the purchase, taking into account all the nuances.