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Never under estimate the power of a flower

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Flowers are not hard to find. Most of us could walk a few steps from our home or any office and come across a wide variety of plant species, each with its own flowers of different shapes, scents and colours. Why is it that something so common, can evoke a wide range of emotions?

Flowers are appropriate as a gift or as a backdrop for almost any occasion. The sadness of a funeral can be lightened a little, with a floral tribute while a bright bunch of native or exotic flowers can help to celebrate any special joyous occasion like a graduation, a reunion, a birthday party or a wedding.

Flowers or seeds have been found by archaeologists in Egyptian tombs and medieval crypts from long ago, so it is surely true that flowers have always been an important part of countless lives. Nothing has changed and flowers like those that can be found at Pearsons Florist are displayed in homes and commercial spaces to bring a touch of elegance and joy to people's every day lives for no reason at all. People just like having beautiful things around them.

Different shape or colour flowers can help to decorate our homes or offices and even a single flower is often enough to convey an emotion.  Shakespeare knew the power of a flower..

What’s in a name? that which we call a rose

By any other name would smell as sweet.’

Romeo and Juliet

Flowers should be the gift of choice for any occasion. We already buy flowers for family members, especially on Mother's Day, however there is no limit to the occasions when a floral arrangement is the ideal gift.

On Valentine's Day, flowers take on an entirely new role: they convey love in a way that cannot be matched by a box of chocolates or fine jewellery. Flowers are appropriate and nothing else will do as a traditional token or symbol of love or affection. Sure, fine jewellery is welcome too but it needs to be accompanied or complimented by at least one rose.

We should all renew our interest in flowers and share their power by taking time out to stop by at a florist for some expert advice on what flowers are in season and how they can be combined harmoniously in bunches to be offered as a gift for a friend, a partner or a family member.

There is no reason to wait for a traditional special day like a birthday to offer flowers to the people you care about as giving flowers can actually create a special day.