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Best Australian Free Pokies

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Online pokies make for the most popular casino games in Australia and thousands of high rollers are playing them at any given time. With so many online casino on the market, it is an absolute must for your choice of business to reward your time with a huge library for you to pick and enjoy your favorite games. Good thing there are a lot of places just like this, but most of the high rollers across Australia have turned to Slotomania recently for their choice of free real pokies.

We already gave you or best pick of an online casino that offers a smooth experience, but if you want to do some research of your own, at least take into consideration some points we’ve been looking at while selecting out champion:

  • Huge, life-changing progressive jackpots

  • Quick payouts

  • Real money pokies tournaments

  • Extensive collection of free bonus games to unlock

Now that we got that out of the way, let’s take a look at some titles that have been deemed the most entertaining by the majority of Australian high rollers.

Eye of the Kraken

No need to dive in too deep into this one, as the name speaks for itself. If you’re looking for an adventure revolving around sea monsters and sunken treasures, this was built just for that. Other than being an awesome free pokie, for the uninitiated in the ways of the sea, of course.

Golden Legend

If you’re looking for a more classic feel, than this would make the best pick for you. No fruits involved, but there are no flashy symbols or too much detail in this one, either. Which makes it perfect for some reminiscing.

Troll Hunters

Now this is just the opposite of Golden Legend, with some intense animations and vividly colored symbols. And it’s only natural, we mean, look at the title, would you? It’s about hunting trolls, not quite the same as throwing a few lemons in the basket and calling it a line. You really have to hunt your treasure with this one, but it’s totally worth it.

Xmas Joker

You might want to wait a bit longer until you give this a spin. But come holiday time, there’s no better choice of a free pokie we have in mind for you. As the name suggests, the main theme revolves around everything linked to the winter holidays.

Sails of Gold

We started off our list with sea-themed free pokies, and it seemed only natural to end it on the same note. This one is not so much about dangerous mystical sea monsters as it is about navigating the blue seas in search for the treasure.


At your request, you now have the best 5 Australian free pokies to try out and decide whether they suit your taste or you’d much sooner return to table games or maybe others that you like more than what the majority prefers. Even if you don’t end up playing for real money, it’s always exciting to try out something now from time to time, right?

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