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Gaining employment in the Western Australian fashion industry

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Throughout Western Australia, the fashion industry is a major direct employer of local retail workers together with a vast logistical chain of support professionals doing great work transporting world class clothing from manufacturers to retail outlets.

For both men and women, the world of fashion is a rewarding and challenging way of life. The fashion industry requires designers, models, show presenters, retail sales people and a network of manufacturers situated both overseas and in Australia.

There are many roles in the fashion industry that require tertiary qualifications and that is particularly important in marketing and public relations where messages targeting consumers have to be "on point" and very contemporary. Pay TV and free to air broadcasters, produce hours of fashion and beauty programs hosted by men and women of all ages.

The fashion industry is a thriving industry in Perth where some of Australia's leading designers are showing the rest of Australia new trends and concepts. Western Australian fashion is "in" and gaining international attention. People in the fashion industry and consumers alike, need to look good themselves in order to gain the maximum impact from their clothing choices. Some people will choose to go out and seek medical assistance for some cosmetic treatments. Are you looking for anti wrinkle injections in Perth?

Not all fashion industry professionals work in a shop or in an office. Australia's NBN has produced a broadband network that enables anyone in Perth to set up an ecommerce business selling fashion to the World. A fashion ecommerce business need not be expensive to establish as a busy mother or stay at home father, could manage a fashion retail business using drop shipping. Fashion drop shipping is where an entrepreneur establishes a relationship with a fashion producer whereby they can sell that business' clothing products online and when a sale is made, the producer sends the items directly to the buyer. The mother, an entrepreneur or the father, running the business from home, earns a commission or percentage of the sale.

Beauty and fashion are some of the most talked about topics on social media and that present opportunities for bricks and mortar fashion businesses to market their products in cyber conversations. Fashion and beauty industry "influencers" make a good living from promoting fashion brands on social media.

If you have an affinity or a "passion for fashion", there are rewarding jobs and self employment opportunities in the Perth beauty and fashion scene.