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Academic Writing Services: How to Make Sure the Writing Staff Is Experts

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When students are not able to deal with their academic assignments properly, they start to look for some alternative sources of help. One of the first that occurs to the mind is a dependable assignment writing company. Such resources provide assistance of the top quality and offer many important benefits and guarantees. Nonetheless, are all writing websites that good?

The answer is definitely “No.” At least not all can be trusted. Some writing companies compose papers of pretty low quality. Sometimes, papers they write are the real mess without any sense.

Accordingly, you should be totally sure that your writer can be trusted. How to be confident that you are dealing with the company that has experts in the writing staff? Consider the following points borrowed from academic experts at AdvancedWriters - a professional writing company with years of experience :

Request gratis samples.

All highly reputed writing platforms provide their clients with samples of all types of academic papers they write. Some of them offer even full pieces. The others give parts, such as the introduction, main body, thesis statement, conclusion, and even a list of references or an outline. This is a good method to identify the quality. If you need a coursework or case study, request it, read and decide whether the quality satisfies you. Remember that such samples are commonly delivered for free.

Get in touch.

Another measure is to get in touch with a writer you wish to collaborate with. Ask him/her about his/her background, writing experience, methods of work, writing skills and techniques and other necessities. In the end, ask to deliver to you a few examples of his/her papers.

Read customers’ testimonials.

The opinion of other people is also important. You can learn many interesting and helpful facts from customers’ testimonials. Read those testimonials and define how good this or that author is. Pay attention to the speed of writing, the uniqueness of papers, major advantages and possible drawbacks. A really good expert will have only positive reviews in all aspects.

Check profiles.

Of course, you should research a writing platform where you want to employ a personal assistant. Writing platforms typically give detailed descriptions of their working staff. The needed information is described in writers’ profiles. There can be found the following details:

  1. Writers’ rating. Every writer has his/her personal average rating. It is given on the basis of customers’ reviews and grades.
  2. The number of completed orders. Each profile contains the number of successfully accomplished orders. Learn this statistic. If the number is more than 85% than your writer is a great expert.
  3. Special awards. Every writing company has its own awards, which are given the working staff. This is a good method to find important details about the writer’s talents. The typical awards are given the most successful writers of the month and/or week (commonly based on the results of all possible skills and demands), the quickest writers (experts who execute their order quicker than the others), customers’ choice (the best rating among customers), the newcomer of the month (the best new member of the staff), and some others.
  4. Education. It is understood that you should learn details about the writer’s education. Find out what degree he/she has, what is/are his/her major specialties and the new ones, which were learned after graduation. Define which types of academic assignments does your expert commonly write and which aren’t that perfect. Thus, you will know for sure that a concrete writer can easily cope with a literature review, but a research proposal may be of lower quality. All the details are very important.

Perhaps you also know people who had collaborated with your writer. Ask them for the feedback too. Thus, you’ll be 100% confident how qualified the writer is.

What Makes a Professional Academic Writer?

You should also know what makes a good academic writer. An anticipated expert may have a master’s degree but still, produce papers of low quality. Therefore, you should know the basics of a high-quality paper.

Consider the following points:

  • Following the rules. Your expert is expected to know all current academic requirements for every piece of writing and follow them.
  • Authentic content. Every order, which is written for you, must be 100% authentic. Always check the uniqueness with some dependable plagiarism checker before you accept your order.
  • Appropriate language. A true expert is always able to pick the suitable language for a concrete topic and situation. Thus, every text flows smoothly.
  • Clear explanations. A really good writer uses lexicon wisely. Even if the topic is about some complex things with many unknown terms and words, an expert is able to find simpler words and provide plain clarifications of the most complex things.
  • Proper structure. A specialist always follows a concrete structure. Every piece of writing has the same sections, which are the introduction, thesis statement, main body, and conclusion. Your writer should write your order in this sequence. Moreover, every section should be fulfilled properly. For example, the introduction contains general introductory information and hook. In the end, it presents the thesis statement.

Your assistant ought to fulfill these demands to provide you with a paper of top quality. Besides, consider some personality traits, which are also essential. Your expert is supposed to be flexible and adapt to unexpected changes. He/she must be responsible. Once he/she starts to write the order, all your demands should be completed precisely as you wish and the order delivered on time.