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How To Prevent Your E-Cigarette Coils From Premature Damage

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When using your e-cigarette, you'll want to make sure you have an enjoyable vaping experience. But if your coil gets damaged and burnt out too quickly, then it's likely that you will have a bad vape. Your throat will feel like it is on fire, while the aftertaste in your mouth will be revolting. This guide looks at different strategies you can employ to prevent e-cigarette coils from premature damage.

Make Sure You Clean Your Coils Regularly

Most people overlook coil cleaning, but it is an important part of general e-cigarette maintenance. This is because coils get filled with gunk and debris which can cause them to get damaged or burnt out too quickly. Here are some steps to help you clean your coils properly:

  • Remove the coil from the device and blow out any liquid still sitting in there.

  • Use water to rinse the whole coil thoroughly. If any gunk is stuck on it, then use a soft-bristled brush to remove it.

  • Place the coil to dry on a towel before re-fitting it back on to the e-cigarette.

Don't place wet coils back on because this could cause damage to the device over a period. If you need to put the coil back after washing it, wipe it completely dry before re-attaching. Giving the coil a good clean every once in a while is a good way to ensure it performs up to mark for longer.

Pay Attention To The Type Of E-Liquid You Have For Your Device

According to E-cigarette Club - the Aussie E-cig Shoop, the type of e-liquid you have for the device may also play a role in how dirty the coils get. Consider the following:

  • Some types of e-liquids (with higher vegetable glycerin content) may produce more gunk because they are thicker.

  • If your e-liquid contains more vegetable glycerin, you may need to rinse out the coils more often.

  • If possible, choose products with a lower concentration of vegetable glycerin if you want to reduce coil maintenance.

E-liquid types can also have an impact on the longevity of your device coils so choose what is most convenient for your specific needs.

Choose A Device With Temperature Control If Possible

The type of vaping device you own can also have an impact on the shelf life of the coils. Consider the following:

  • Temperature control devices allow you to keep track of the amount of heat that reaches the coil.

  • You have the flexibility to set a specific temperature for the coil to prevent it from overheating and burning out.

  • Avoid setting extremely high temperatures that can burn out the coil prematurely.

There are plenty of different devices you can use for vaping. If you don't have a temperature control device, it's important to ensure the wick gets wet to keep the coil from burning out too soon. You'll also want to avoid using e-liquids that could cause gunk to form too often on the coil to prolong its shelf life.

Follow Coil-Protecting Rules While Vaping

The type of vaper you are will also have an impact on your coils. Consider the following:

  • If you like making big clouds, then coils will need to undertake back-to-back hits but this will prevent the wick from absorbing e-juice quickly and will cause dry hits. These hits will burn out the coil quicker so you must space out each hit.

  • Many vapers use high PG e-liquids to get throat hits. While PG e-liquids are more ideal for coil protection, they tend to burn and soak up faster causing you to make more hits to the device. Spacing out hits is a good way to keep the coil protected for longer. Try to wait a few minutes between each hit for the best results.

  • Try to pay attention to your hits when vaping so you don't end up hitting the device too often because the coil will eventually burn out too soon. While vaping is a way to relax, keep track of your hits to prolong the shelf life of the device's coils.

The way you vape has an impact on the coil so follow these rules for added protection.


There are plenty of things to help you prolong the shelf life of the device's coils – enabling you to enjoy a satisfying vaping experience every time without having to shell out more money on new coils.