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Will The 4-Day Work Week Become Normal?

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Since the big shift seen to a remote working option for many individuals over the past eighteen months, there have been many hoping that options would go a little further as trials for a four-day working week got underway around the world with different businesses both big and small exploring whether it can be a long-standing option or not – results are starting to come in from some however, and the initial look at the four-day work week is a good thing, but will it become something more normalised or is it something that’s not a possibility for most?

A better work life balance – As with remote working, perhaps the biggest benefit to come from the change to a four-day work week is the better work life balance it provides. The additional day frees up extra time and lets individuals explore their hobbies outside of work, streaming and other multimedia lead the way for out of work hobbies, but gaming has been picking up with some of the biggest options that can be found here have become popular choices too – a three-day weekend certainly is appealing for those looking for more time to themselves.

Reducing costs and increasing productivity – With the office being closed one day a week, it reduces running costs that add up over time which may be less of a factor now that many individuals are working from home, but there have been a number of studies that would suggest productivity increases – well rested and happier employees are always going to work harder, and with the additional days rest there is also research that suggests employees will be less likely to take time off for illness or sickness as the extra rest period means they’re typically less likely to fall ill too.

Potential for longer work hours – One of the downsides being suggested however is that it could lead to longer work hours for some – businesses that cut back one day per week may look to tack on an extra few hours for the days that are worked and not all businesses will look to have a 30-hour work week instead, this could have a significant impact on many – it’s a balancing act between those that are able to introduce a shorter four day work week and those that need a longer one.

There are certainly ups and downs to the change, but it is primarily a big positive if it is able to be implemented correctly and as success stories come through the number of business looking to explore this option will only certainly grow – with the change to remote working too it does seem encouraging that this will become a possibility, and a four-day work week could be a very positive future. Media Group

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