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We all would love to enjoy the work we are doing and not force ourselves to wake up every morning for it. And thankfully nowadays there are ways to accomplish it without that much trouble. Cue in the home businesses! If you have a desire to be an entrepreneur, there’re many fields where you can establish your newfound calling. Let’s look into home bakeries as an example. The first thing you have to do is make sure to have the necessary paperwork to open your establishment and look closely into the laws of your country or state. A good idea would be also be to certify your kitchen for any commercial operations. The next step is all about research and planning. If you want to get serious with this job, a business plan is in order. It wouldn’t hurt to look into your target audience and come up with some gimmick that would help your bakery really stand out. Nobody wants the same old cookies anymore so you’ve got to introduce something new to the market.

Next, you’d want to decide how exactly you are planning to sell your produce. There are a few options to choose from. The first one would be to open a traditional at home bakery. You’d have to invest in food suppliers and make some signs and advertisements to promote your business. Another way is creating an online bakery. With all the social media and Internet you can easily advertise and sell your cookies and pastries without limiting yourself to the local community. For this you’d have to set up a good storage space and decide on your shipping area and rates. The last option would be to find an already established bakery and deliver your goods to them. This way you’d have fewer worries regarding the sells but you would need to trust the other owners to be honest with you.So what about the recipes that you could use for home bakeries? There’re obviously tons of options available for bakers of all levels. Even if you’re a beginner who simply enjoys the process of making desserts, you can start pitching your goods to your friends! Start with these chocolate oatmeal cookies, for example. Chocolate is a universally loved flavor and these cookies are loaded with it. They’re comforting, cozy and so delicious when paired with a cup of milk.

To make them beat butter and brown sugar using an electric mixer, then add one egg. In another bowl mix the dry ingredients and add to the wet. Lastly mix in the rolled oats and chocolate chips. Bake the cookies for 10 minutes for a chewy texture or let them sit in the oven for a few more minutes for a crispy outside. And here you have it, a great opening recipe for your bakery!

Despite a bakery really relying on baked goods most of the time, you don’t need an oven to create some delicious desserts. For example, only a freezer is required for making some ice cream cakes or these peanut butter no bake cookies. The shopping list for this recipe is only a few ingredients long and because it uses dates as a sweetener and no flour, it can open a whole new market for you. Those who follow a healthy lifestyle, a vegan diet or avoid gluten will definitely be happy to see such a dessert available on your shelves.

To make these outrageously simple cookies, start by blending gluten free oats into flour with a food processor. Then add pitted dates and natural salted peanut butter. Blend until sticky dough is formed. Scoop out the cookies, place them on a parchment lined tray and create a cross hatch design on top of them using a fork. Make the chocolate glaze by whisking together melted coconut oil, cacao powder and maple syrup. Carefully dip the cookies into the glaze, place back on the parchment and freeze until set. You can also dip them several times for an extra thick chocolate shell and more chocolate flavor.

The first two recipes have been more beginner-friendly and can be made easily in big batches. They’re also interesting but not exactly outstanding. If you want to take your homemade bakery to a completely different, restaurant level, try making some impressive cakes. This blue velvet cake is sure to be the star of your repertoire while also being vegan! It can open up an entirely new clientele because you can sell slices of it on regular days and take orders for the whole cake for all kinds of parties. And despite the impressive list of ingredients, it’s easier to make than it may seem.

First sift the dry ingredients into a bowl. Mix soy milk and lemon juice for the vegan buttermilk alternative and allow it to curdle. Then add it to the flour mixture with vanilla, vinegar and blue food coloring. Divide the cake batter into two parts and pour into the prepared cake tins. Bake for 30 minutes and let them cool down completely. Mix the vegan butter, powdered sugar and non-dairy milk then use this mixture as frosting. Let your imagination run riot with the decoration so the cake attracts more customers.

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